Universal Base Converter

Available iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the AppStore.

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**Must have app for students: Each step of the conversion algorithm can be displayed in detail to help you verify and retrace your own manual calculations**

Numeric Base Changer is a smart application for numeric base conversion.

Unique features:

This application can perform numeric conversions from any base between 2 and 16 to any base between 2 and 16, which gives a guarantee of full flexibility. Even decimals are supported.

The sophisticated, handy and very user-related design provides maximum utilization efficiency:

– base conversion runs live, results displayed while typing

– all numeric bases between 2 and 16 supported (both directions)

-a customized and simplified keyboard as well as quickly accessible copy and paste buttons make the user interface perfect

-a detailed calculation window shows each step of the conversion algorithm. This is a helpful feature to verify and retrace your own manual calculations

We appreciate to receive your criticism, ideas for improvement and other customers’ wishes. If additional functions are required, please contact us via email.

We refuse any liability claims for damages and losses caused by using this application.